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This form is to be used for submitting and paying for ads in The Criminologist,  the official newsletter of the American Society of Criminology. The newsletter is designed to provide members with information on societal activities, news concerning criminal justice events, and appropriate news related to the members themselves.

Payment is required prior to the ad being posted. If you prefer to be emailed an invoice to secure a purchase order, pay by purchase order, or to pay by check, you need to complete this form.

For more information about billing or posting, please contact Kelly Vance at

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YEARLY ISSUES: January/February, March/April, May/June, July/August, September/October, November/December
(Distributed during the first two weeks of January, March, May, July, September, & November.)

DEADLINES: Dec. 15th (Jan/Feb), Feb. 15th (Mar/Apr), Apr. 15th (May/June), June 15th (July/Aug), Aug. 15th (Sept/Oct), Oct. 15th (Nov/Dec)


  • All ads are printed in black and white. (Color ads are accepted.  However, color is only displayed in the online PDF version.)
  • Full Page (7-1/2" x 10") $350.00
  • Half Page (7-1/2" x 5") $275.00
  • Two Pages $500.00
  • Text Only Ads (250 words max., no logos) (Word documents only) $225.00
  • We prefer all advertisements to be in Word or PDF format, unless otherwise noted.

Please select your ad type and quantity.  (For example, If you enter "2" and upload one ad, then we assume you are running the ad in two issues.  Please be sure to make two selections in the next question.)

Full Page Ad per issue @ $350
Half Page Ad per issue @ $275
Two-Full Pages per issue @ $500
Text Only Ad per issue @ $225

Please select which issue(s) you would like your ad to run in:

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Payment Options and Instructions:

  1. Pay by Purchase Order - Please upload a copy of actual purchase order using upload function below so you can be invoiced appropriately.  This will allow your ad to be posted immediately.
  2. Invoice Me - Select this option if you have not secured a PO yet and need an invoice first.  We will email an official invoice for your use.  Your ad will NOT be posted until a PO is emailed to OR actual payment is received in some capacity (i.e. check or credit card over the phone).
  3. Pay by Check - Select this option if you do not need an invoice and have already secured payment.  Your ad will NOT be posted until the payment is received.  Please send a copy of this form receipt with payment.
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